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Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

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Walk-in Bathtubs

Independence, Safety & Ease

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Product Comparisons

Performance TestsTake a look at how other companies acrylic bathtubs and showers compare to EasyCare Baths EXCLUSIVE Duracast XL acrylic.

Customer Reviews

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EasyCare Bathroom Remodeling BrochureSee our bathroom remodeling guide and find out how affordable and simple it is to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Enjoy Your Bathroom with EasyCare Bath & Showers

R & R Bath’s uses the best in quality with EasyCare acrylic in Bathtubs, Showers, & Walk Ins made right here in the USA! Let us remodel your bathroom with the top of the line.

Simple • Elegant • Affordable

R & R Bath’s provide comprehensive expertise in bathroom remodeling, design, styles & safety features with superior quality bathtubs and showers made from materials that are the absolute, undisputed BEST.

EasyCare Bathrooms Look Great — But What Makes Us Special is Our Quality.

EasyCare's Bath Builder

The Bathroom Remodel of your dreams is more affordable than you think.

Find out how you can remodel your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel and can be completed in just one day. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns and options to design a bathroom that fits your personal style.

Read what our customers are saying!

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"To put it simply, I love my new bathroom. Now I make sure that the shower curtain is open to show off the entire bathroom. My tub looks brand new and the surround is beautiful. My bathroom is clearly the classiest room in my house. Thanks for your professional and caring service."

Mrs. Swenson

To the heroic men of EasyCare, I am enjoying my new bathroom very much. A special thanks for handling the weird angles of my house, for being on time and for cleaning up. I would recommend your group very highly. Thanks.

Mrs. Jacobsen

Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our new walk-in bathtub. You put in a lot of effort making sure things were done right and on time. It is refreshing to have hones and excellent work in our home.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson

Ten years ago we had our tub redone by EasyCare. We needed our shower redone and I immediately thought of EasyCare. We are very pleased and we will recommend EasyCare to our friends and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright

A Better Choice for Your Home for Bathroom Remodeling

Better Products for Lasting Beauty

  • Our acrylic is 400% stronger than the competition meaning you will get years of lasting durability, beauty and not to mention it will always be easy to clean.
  • Our Duracast XL Crosslinked Acrylic has a solid acrylic cap that is not only stronger but has 300% more acrylic per sheet giving the thickest bathtub liners anywhere in the world.

When it comes to bathrooms, 2 out of every 3 homeowners choose an acrylic bath because of durability and ease of use. Easy Care Baths and Showers are made of non-porous acrylic so there is nowhere for dirt and germs to hide. It is time to say goodbye to those moldy grout lines of the past

Elegance & Affordable Design Options

Your new bathroom will be a wonderful place to relax and wash away your daily cares. In your new bathtub or shower you will be able to enjoy the warm water and the joy that comes from your new elegant bathroom.

  • 2 out of every 3 homeowners choose acrylic bath and showers for durability and ease of use
  • EasyCare Baths and Showers are made of non-porous acrylic so there is nowhere for dirt and germs to hide
  • Our acrylic products come in a variety of colors and patterns, you can get the look and feel of tile without the disgusting mold and mildew
  • Little to no demolition or mess.

Now you can get Elegance and an Economical solution in one.

Bathroom Remodel | Beautiful Design Options
Safety & Convenience Options for your Bathroom Remodeling

Safety, Comfort and Independence

With your home being your most valuable investment, everything you do should make it more comfortable, beautiful and simple to maintain.

Refinishing your bathroom with EasyCare Acrylic will provide you a smooth bath and shower surface, be easy to clean, while increasing the value to your home.

EasyCare provides you with options of comfort and safety features to improve the quality of your bathroom experience.

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a newly remodeled bathroom from EasyCare Bath & Showers.

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